Alternative to Crown Restoration in Greenlawn NY

The Ultimate Alternative to Crown Restoration in Greenlawn NY

Teeth are very important, but we tend to take the least possible care of them – at least until they begin to ache out of control. There is nothing quite as bad as an aching tooth, and as you probably know, there are very few things that you can do about it, at least not without a prescription or a dreadful root canal procedure and a crown. Over the counter drugs don’t seem to do it, nor do the numbing agents that you can buy. At this point, we tend to stuff all of the numbing agents we can find into our mouths and walk around speaking as if we’ve eaten a couple bags of cotton balls. At some point, we make that inevitable trip to the dentist, at least if the pain doesn’t go away. You see, the one pain we simply cannot ignore, is a pain in the mouth. Other parts of our bodies are definitely up for debate, but oral pain is simply unbearable, and oftentimes we find that if waited so long, a root canal and a crown need to be done.  Fortunately there are few ways to get the job done, one of which is an alternative to crown restoration in Greenlawn NY.

Understanding Crown Complications

One of the biggest problems with crowns in dentistry is that they tend to fail and lead to root canals most of the time, and not because they are structurally unsound. It is more so because they are not designed to keep up with the flexibility and flow of the natural human tooth. Natural teeth are designed to flex under the pressure of chewing.  The pressures of chewing forces may tend to fracture already compromised tooth with the crown preparation. During the fitting of the tooth for a crown much of the unnecessary and healthy tooth structure is removed just to accommodate for the space of the crown or a cap. This makes it important to seek out an alternative to crown restoration- and there is a better way to go about it.

Using Nature Mimicking Dentistry

One of the better ways to go about this is to use nature mimicking dentistry, also known as bio-mimetic dentistry. This is very specific, and it essentially means to mimic the lifelike properties of a tooth. If you take a look at many before and after pictures of bio-mimetic dentistry restorations , you will notice that the teeth look more natural and even after a long time no debonding or separating of the filling is evident. In addition, biomimetic dentistry is the most tooth conservative way to restore even a very compromised tooth, so no unnecessary tooth structure is removed and that protects the tooth from a potential root canal. Another advantage is the advanced bonding techniques preventing the filling or as it properly called biomimetic bonding from leaking and reinfection.

As you can see there are many advantages to use the alternative to crown biomimetic techniques.

This alternative to crown restoration in Greenlawn NY will certainly help you to regain your healthy oral aesthetics without having to worry about the damage you are doing to your tooth in the long run. Give it a try today – it’s just what your mouth needs.

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