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This is by far the BEST dentist ever! Would highly recommend this practice to everyone.

This was my first visit and I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and relaxing the atmosphere was. There were oranges and herbal tea in the waiting room and aromatherapy throughout the office. The whole staff was warm and friendly. My cleaning and exam were thorough and both the dentist and hygenist spent time explaining things and answering my questions.

Love Dr. Olga. She is one of the best dentist around. I’ve been to many dentists in the past and only now realize how much they ruined my teeth. Her practice is clean and pretty. The fact that they offer organic tea while you wait tells a lot about how much Dr. Olga cares about what her patients.

I am so blessed to be able to have Dr. Olga save so much of my own natural tooth! It was as comfortable as it could be.

Thank you all so much. I felt so comfortable with the entire staff!! I look forward to seeing you all again for my appointments in the future!!! Enjoy the rest of the summer!!! Oh, if you could please keep me on your list for possible cancellations to get me in sooner for my dental procedures, that would be great!!

Wonderful experience and staff and will be coming back.

Amazing service!!!

This is by far the most pleasant dental experience I have ever had. The staff are gentle, explain everything and really care.

Dr. Olga and her capable staff are incredible. The dentistry and care received here cannot be matched ANYWHERE.

I don’t know if there’s such a word as ‘dental-phobic’ but if there is than that would describe me. However, the office staff immediately put me at ease and Dr. Olga provided further comfort in her discussion and explanation of the treatment I would require. After my initial visit I experienced a dental ’emergency’, by coincidence the very next day, a Saturday, and Dr. Olga promptly returned my call, called in a necessary prescription to my pharmacy and set in motion the appointments that would be necessary for my treatment. Although I am still ‘dental-phobic’ I feel I am in the right hands and would definitely recommend this office for anyone needing dental work.

So happy to find a dr and office that understands the holism and importance of dental health!

The office has such great energy and calm to it… makes going to the dentist not so bad!

Love Dr Olga, Stephanie, and staff….. truly the best!

Always caring.

I bring my 3 children to Dr. Olga and we all LOVE her, her staff and the dental office. Everyone there is amazing and I recommend everyone I know.

I love you guys! So excited to find dental care that shares my holistic values. The office is beautiful, immaculate and serene. While going to the dentist is of my least favorite things to do list, all of the staff was so warm, friendly and knowledgeable. Wonderful experience! We are moving to North Carolina at the end of summer but think we will schedule our dental exams around our return visits to NY!

I haven’t been to a better facility. The options they offer to take care of my teeth are many. Bentonite toothpaste, ozonated olive oil, chlorella, chlorella mouthwash, juice and much more. The atmosphere in the waiting room Is calming. I like the empowering books in the waiting room.

Dr. Olga is fantastic! She is truly a holistic practitioner. We are so happy to have found her and will be regular patients moving forward.

Another wonderful appointment! The care and warmth Dr. Olga and the staff shows to my children is unsurpassed. Thank you again for your patience and kindness. I actually made an appointment for myself before leaving today! An overall amazing experience had by all.

This is a highly professional office with a dedicated staff and an amazingly talented and caring dentist. Dr. Olga is in a special category all by herself.

Everyone was extremely kind, caring and knowledgeable. The waiting area was very comfortable even having refreshments if so desired. I’ve never seen that before. Dr. Olga was fabulous. She truly understands how important a nice smile is and her knowledge to correct and repair problems is undeniable. Thank you for a very positive experience.

Dr. Olga and her staff are so friendly and attentive! It was recommended by friends from Nourishing Long Island, that I pay Dr. Olga a visit because of the less than attentive previous dentist experience. Dr. Olga compared x-rays and a live tooth scan on a screen and explained what was going on with my teeth and what she could do. She uses the bio-mimetic approach and it makes so much sense. My previous dentist wanted to do a cap and remove one of my teeth because it was what they were taught. Quick and easy for the dentist, not necessarily what I wanted. Dr. Olga explained that my cavity could be removed and the tooth restored with the biomimetic technique. The bio-mimetic method takes a little more time, but I am so happy with the results. It saved one of my teeth! I am grateful for Dr. Olga’s caring and professional expertise and would highly recommend her to anyone!

The office is relaxing, quiet and informative. It’s similar in some ways, to entering a spa. The staff are caring and accommodating. I got a Reiki treatment to calm me before a tooth filling!

Natures Dental is above and beyond with wonderful care for adults and children. We are grateful to you for taking care of her teeth and our whole being.

Amazing warm knowledgeable staff. I wouldn’t want my family to be anywhere else! They are excellent with children, I couldn’t have wished for a better first experience for our children, age 3 & 2. Our children left smiling and couldn’t wait to go back! Personally, I went in after years of not even thinking of seeing a dentist & everyone was totally nonjudgmental and amazing. Additionally, I do love the fact that they use therapeutic grade essential oils in their toothpaste and mouthwash, which my family now uses and loves. If you are looking for a knowledgeable experienced holistic staff that is also welcoming and nurturing, then look no further! We are grateful to have found Dr. Olga & her entire staff!

Dr. Olga and her staff of professionals are just wonderful. I am amazed at how fabulous the restorative work looks and feels. The dental skills exhibited by Dr. Olga are clearly not what the average dentist possesses. She is no average dentist but one who should be admired by her peers.

Yet again, another amazing visit for my daughter, Lucia. From the moment we walk into the office, we are greeted with warmth and patience. Lucia did incredibly well at her last appointment, displaying the trust she has in Dr. Olga and her staff. She was calm and allowed Dr. Olga to complete the procedure. Apparently, it was so enjoyable that Lucia has begun giving everyone in my home dental exams ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you, Nature’s Dental!

Love how homey but professional the waiting room is… The only thing I would change is the amount of chairs (more are needed).

Yet again, another amazing visit for my daughter, Lucia. From the moment we walk into the office, we are greeted with warmth and patience. Lucia did incredibly well at her last appointment, displaying the trust she has in Dr. Olga and her staff. She was calm and allowed Dr. Olga to complete the procedure. Apparently, it was so enjoyable that Lucia has begun giving everyone in my home dental exams ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you, Nature’s Dental!


A great value for the level of care and time spent providing the care. All of the staff were very professional and knowledgeable and Dr. Olga made me feel very reassured about fixing my dental concerns and issues.

I found a warm welcome when we arrived. The visit/appointment was professional, the technician explained the procedures and care. Dr. Olga was gentle, caring and calmly reassured me about the diagnosis and how we will plan to proceed. I was so pleased and confident that I am in good hands and made the right choice and that all my problems and fears will be taken care of. Thank you all!!

First of all, I did some research about holistic dentistry and decided that was the way to go. Going to this office, I totally trust Dr. Olga and her staff to do the right thing and they are very thorough with their explanations to help let you make the right choice for treatment. I especially love to see that this staff is comprised of very knowledgeable women that are sensitive to you needs and your physical health as well! I give them the highest rating on all levels, Blessings to them all!

Dr. Olga was able to squeeze me into a busy week when one of my molars started hurting me. Her care was prompt and effective. Thank you for fixing my tooth!

Dr. Olga is fabulous! Warm, gracious, comforting and caring. Truly embodies the HIPPOCRATIC OATH! God Bless and thank you.

Dr. Olga is amazing. The only dentist I trust with my teeth. She and her staff and always so kind accommodating and informative. She is my dentist of choice. I highly recommend her to all my friends.

I enjoy going to Nature’s dental. I am confident in their ability and holistic services they provide.

Nature’s Dental is without a doubt the BEST dental experience possible! The staff, music, atmosphere, and most of all, Dr. Olga, makes it feel like a healing spa treatment for your teeth. I would recommend this place to anyone in need of a dentist.

Wonderful experience for someone who fears going to the dentist. Calm, spa like atmosphere. Friendly staff… everyone made sure I was comfortable. Have already recommended Dr. Olga and her office!

Enjoyed my experience.

Thank you. I am so happy with the work done today. Everyone was wonderful!

I am so glad I have found this office. I never thought I would ever be so comfortable at a Dentist. Dr Olga and her staff are so wonderful and accommodating. I now feel very comfortable in knowing I am with the best in Dentistry.

Great as always, Thanks!

The most impressive part of the office is the tools they are using. They are doing everything the way things should be done and not the way my last dentist was doing. The waiting room has very informative books to read, tea, water and other goodies, sorry no lollipops here. This is a healing place and speaking with others in the waiting room I was very impressed with their complete turnarounds to better health.

I’m very grateful and pleased with the holistic dental care my husband and I received from Dr. Olga and her staff at Natures Dental! The dental office was also very welcoming, relaxing and hospitable. I had a very pleasant dental visit and my mouth and teeth felt very clean and cared for. Also, the dental work the staff did for my husband was excellent! Dr. Olga and her team are very gentle, caring, informative and skilled. It’s great to have a trusted holistic dentist who will work towards being as minimally invasive as possible and who truly cares for her clients!

Dr. Olga and her team are very professional and I am extremely grateful to have found such an amazing dentist. After getting a painless cleaning and several very gentle hole fillings, my teeth look and feel incredible! After leaving the office, my level of confidence in my smile significantly increased and my teeth looked much better than they did before. I highly recommend Natures Dental as a friendly and genuinely caring team with a truly natural approach to oral health!

The best.

Pleasant and friendly environment that strives to make patients feel comfortable and relaxed. Attentive service from entire staff. My only complaint is that the office is a little small and cramped. I enjoyed the cold-pressed organic juices available as well as the essential oils.

A wonderful place and dentist office. They really took your questions and considerations into account. The entire staff was friendly and the office offered many luxuries such as tea, cold pressed juice, and essential oils. It was truly a holistic experience.

A wonderful place and dentist office. They really took your questions and considerations into account. The entire staff was friendly and the office offered many luxuries such as tea, cold pressed juice, and essential oils. It was truly a holistic experience.

Warm, friendly and efficient… everyone.

I was very pleased with my visit.

It was wonderful. I’ll try to be early next time so I can hang out there longer ๐Ÿ˜‰

I recently brought my daughter to Nature’s Dental and am incredibly happy with our visit. The dental office staff members are amazing. Friendly, informative, attentive. The hygienist was kind and gentle. Dr. Olga is absolutely wonderful. So patient and affectionate with my two-year old, stressing to me the importance that she has a positive visit so as to enjoy going to the dentist. I left our last appointment feeling at ease, informed and excited to return. I have told multiple friends about the office, raving about our experience. I highly recommend Nature’s Dental to anyone who chooses to educate themselves about the dangers of conventional dentistry and desires to put their child, or themselves, into the hands of a professional knowledgeable in natural treatment.

This was THE MOST PLEASANT dentist appointment I have ever had. Dr. Olga and her staff are fantastic! Kind, knowledgeable, professional, caring, using THE MOST STATE-OF-THE-ART dental modalities. If everybody knew about Nature’s Dental, people would never go back to their traditional dentist again. This is truly healing and FIXING dental issues, NOT just temporarily “patching” things with outdated techniques that will set you up for future dental procedures to repair previous damage created by your dentist!! Ozone therapy, air abrasion, biomimetic dentistry – these are state-of-the-art techniques that Dr. Olga uses in her practice. I know this might sound like a commercial for Nature’s Dental, but I was simply blown away by the wonderful (and painless) experience I had yesterday at Dr. Olga’s office. Thank you very much!

Although it seems difficult to believe but it is always a pleasure and very relaxing surroundings makes for a great dental experience!

The hygienist, Emma, is wonderful. She is gentle and very thorough. My teeth feel wonderful after a cleaning. Dr Olga is the kind of dentist you dream of. This is a wonderful office. The whole staff is great. This a great place. If you have had bad experiences with dentists, I highly recommend this office.

Great staff. Dentist so professional, very gentle no pain.

It was the most thorough and gentile cleaning I have ever received! I am recommending to all my friends!

Excellent care for children.

Dr. Olga is the best dentist I’ve ever had. Keep up the excellent work.

I am so grateful to have found you!

Upon entering I was immediately impressed with the waiting / reception area. There are numerous books about natural health in addition to a display of natural products for oral health. The office is beautiful; modern, extremely clean, and very well designed. The staff is excellent! Everyone is professional, friendly and informative. The receptionist, dental assistant, dental hygienist, and Dr. Olga are very patient and thoroughly answered any question I asked. While having work done; I first saw the dental assistant, then doctor, then dental hygienist; each explained what she was doing, and informed me about how to care for my oral health. The dental exam and explanation about what was wrong with my teeth and gums was very thorough. Their quality of work is excellent. I was very confident and optimistic about their work, and I learned a lot! I am looking forward to my next visits!

It was a great experience overall. We (mother and patient) are happy to receive holistic dental care from Dr. Olga and her staff. We wish that she was closer to New York City, but happy that she is reachable by train. We feel so safe knowing that the materials that were used are natural and nontoxic.

Beautiful relaxing atmosphere, friendly people and excellent service. Dr. Olga is amazing dentist.

Immaculate welcoming facility that suited our holistic preferences. The staff was warm, wonderful with children, and incredibly accommodating. We are extremely pleased and plan to continue seeing Dr. Isaeva.

Dr.Olga is one of a kind,amazing,the best dentist I ever been to!!!!

Thank you Dr Olga,Emma, Heather and staff for everything. Your work is excellent!

A wonderful, comforting atmosphere where everyone takes the time to get to know you, offer helpful advice, & provide you with the best wholistic care around. i love going to the dentist here! love all the healthy alternatives they offer—treating the whole person.

Dr. Olga is truly amazing. She is not only an incredible dentist. She is also a genuine, kind person. My family and I are blessed to have found Dr. Olga. I unreservedly recommend her for your dental needs. She has been a god-send for my four year old who initially had so much anxiety around dentists due to a prior experience. Dr. Olga’s patience and kindness helped him to overcome it. I have never met anyone who was so willing to work with me and my son to make him feel safe and comfortable. I am so grateful for people like Dr. Olga and her staff.

Dr. Olga is the best!

Thank you

I was very happy with my first visit to your office yesterday. From walking in the door to the x-ray assistant to the thorough cleaning to Dr. Olga’s check up and patient explanations- it was a pleasant experience. Thank you!

Being someone who is into an all natural lifestyle, when I go to a conventional doctor or dentist, I find myself questioning the practices of the person taking care of me and in the past have found they’re suggestions to be both counter intuitive and productive to the way that the body naturally maintains its own organic health. But that wasn’t the case this time around and I truly felt like I was in good hands. Everyone was extremely nice and caring, very informative, and very reasonable, in price and suggestion. Happy to have found them.

Dr. Olga is one of the only dentist’s who didn’t say that things are only going to get worse but instead she assured me that everything is reversible and took the time to teach me on what I need to do to make that happen. She is totally in tune with her patients and for the first time in my whole life I did not experience any discomfort while getting work done. The entire staff is awesome and I can boldly say that this is one of the absolute best dentist offices on Long Island!!

Wonderful environment, great staff, very knowledgeable and friendly

Both my children and I were very comfortable and happy with our first appointments. So happy to have found a natural, informative and caring dentist/team.

I actually look forward to going to the dentist. Heather at the desk is the best! She is friendly and very efficient. Dr Olga and her assistant Elissa are not only experts in what they do but are warm and friendly as well, I enjoy my visits each time. The only fear I have left when going to the dentist is… how I am going to pay for it! LOL

Dentist did great job, all staff was very friendly to me and my family. There were toys for kids. I highly recommended for everyone!

Dr. Olga was great. She was friendly, thorough, and demonstrated a genuine interest in my dental health and well-being.

Dr Olga and her staff extremely professional. They are also incredibly kind and friendly and make it a wonderful experience to visit the dentist. It feels like family. Dr. Olga did a lot of work restoring my teeth which were filled with amalgams. She did a beautiful job. I am so happy I chose to work with her. My teeth and gums have never been healthier.

I am very happy with my visit today. Dr Olga is very gentle and patient. I ruined a mold she was taking of my tooth and she just made another, no problem. I have already recommended your practice to my brother, who recommended you to his son, and I am trying to get my brother-in-law to see you also. Thanks for a great experience.
Sincerely A. C.

Thank you Dr. Olga, I very much contented your work.

I am so happy with my new teeth I can smile now. Thank you Dr. Olga, now my nice my daughter and my wife will be your patients.

I had a great experience. I am a new patient, and they treated me like an old friend. I look forward to my return visit, as Dr. Olga did such a good job.

I absolutely fear the dentist chair since I’m a child always had bad experiences until i started to come to you. I love Dr. Olga – she’s great and fast – to do a root canal and pull a tooth in one visit – wow – and no PAIN. Thank you, I always feel cared for in your office and I love the fact that there are so many women working there – very maternal – way to go!

My experience has been made very pleasant, from the receptionist, to assistant, to my dentist Dr. Olga. Thank you for making my dental visits comfortable.

I have always had a good experience with Dr . Olga, as she makes me feel very comfortable, and my last visit she really made my teeth look so great!

…Another great visit… from the Dental hygienist to the the DDS… No Anxiety!! … It helps when you’re comfortable in everything they do. Very relaxing, and I need a lot of work… I only came here because I had to. This is now my new dentist. Thank you Dr. Olga.

Dr. Olga is the only dentist I trust with my teeth. She is infinitely gentle in all that she does. She is kind and compassionate, always aware of her patients comfort and anxiety level. I trust her ability and her advice. She makes the whole experience pleasant!

Feeling like a new man after seeing the amazing Dr. Olga. 13 fillings beautifully done!

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