Biological Dental Medicine (BDM)

american college of integrative medicine and dentistry• Alternative, holistic and biological dentistry/medicine is not a specialty per se but more of a thought process to always seek out the safest and least toxic treatments, recognizing the essential connection between oral health and overall health. Well-being of the mouth is an integral part of the whole person.

• It is generally a fluoride-free practice due to flouride having neurotoxic effects on the rest of the body.

• It encourage the practice of “mercury-free” and “mercury-safe” dentistry due to its neurotoxicity and its rigid metal structure that easily breaks teeth.

• It Incorporates other healing modalities like OXYGEN-OZONE therapy into dental treatments.

• Naturopathic consultations are available following a comprehensive dental examination. Please send all appointment requests to
• According to the BDM practice philosophy, many chronic diseases may just be lurking inside our mouths. So starting from the head down makes more sense and saves time to get to “the root cause” of the imbalance. Start with a complimentary 30-minute initial Q&A appointment by filling out a quick questionnaire. (Email requests for a questionnaire to This service is available after a comprehensive dental examination.

• Follow up visits at least 1x/month to review findings & discuss progress.

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