Our Practice Focus is EPIC


naturesdental dr olga isaeva Debunking Silver FIllings

  • Debunking “silver” amalgam fillings (50% mercury and 20%-30% silver and other metals) and clarifying to “fluoride” or “not to fluoride”.
  • Demonstrating flossing and brushing techniques to prevent tooth abrasions.
  • Recommending tooth-preserving products: Detoxifying Clay – Toothpaste NATURE’S GREEN & Essential Oils Mouthwash – NATURE’S Breath.


naturesdental dr olga isaeva Ozone Generator

  • Introducing Oxygen Ozone Therapy — Clinically proven to safely & naturally disinfect the mouth from bad bacteria, viral or fungal infections & promote self-healing.
  • Replenishing the beneficial bacteria with ORAL PROBIOTICS. (
  • Using the latest diagnostic – DIAGNODENT techniques to distinguish stains from the small cavities.
  • Implementing AIR-ABRASION — Non-Drilling technique for children and minimally invasive dentistry.


naturesdental dr olga isaeva integration

  • Practicing holistic modalities, including Reiki Energy Healing, Aroma Touch Technique, Aromatherapy, Nutritional Consults, Digestive Balance and Massage therapy.
  • Educating on the use and application of CPTG Essential Oils ( and ozonated oils – highly antibacterial and promote gum and teeth health.
  • Introducing Mercury Detoxifying Products: Oral GLUTATHION, vitC, vitB complex (, CHLORELLA, Cilantro. (
  • Offering OXYGEN Cocktails – improves immune system, calms the mind and nervous system & Fresh Vegetable Juices – both great for detox and meal replacement after local anesthesia (, natural lip balm – Chocolate Kiss and Natural deodorant- Nature’s Roll On.


naturesdental dr olga isaeva Biomimetic fillings

  • Utilizing new Biomimetic — Nature mimicking technology to restore teeth to their original state — one small layer at a time.
  • Maximizing retention of the natural tooth structure thereby reducing the need for root canals & crowns.
  • Practicing minimally invasive dentistry with the Biomimetic philosophy of “Less dentistry is the best dentistry!”

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