Biomimetic dentistry in Greenlawn NY

A Natural Change using Biomemetic Dentistry in Greenlawn NY

Dentistry has always been a bit of a delicate art, and it has been shaped considerably by centuries of research. It is no surprise that dentistry has changed in the last twenty years, especially when you consider the changes that have been made over the centuries that we mentioned. For example, did you know that barbers were once considered to be skilled dentists, and a common form of dentistry was actually to file the enamel on teeth down until they appeared white again? If you think that sounds painful, you’re probably right. Recently, biomimetic dentistry in Greenlawn NY has gained a considerable amount of traction, and with good reason. One of the most common tendencies in dentistry, just as in other fields of medicine is to move forward using technological innovations. The more advanced we become, the more we are capable of, but it seems that this is not always the case. Sometimes, in order to move forward, we need to move backward.

Consulting Nature

There is a long standing belief that Earth, or Nature, has provided us everything we need in order to survive, and biomimetic dentistry goes a long way toward proving that. By looking at the BioMechanical characteristics of the teeth, we can find the proper science for mimicking the attributes of nature. These are no longer just theories, but published scientific information provided by researchers from all over the world.

Understanding Teeth with Biomimetic Dentistry in Greenlawn NY

One of the most common misconceptions about teeth is the inherent belief that they sit still within the mouth, when they in fact flex, bend, and make a serious impact in the mouth. Now that we have the ability to study the way in which teeth move, we can re-create those movements and create a much better bond when it comes to rebuilding a tooth. With the technology involved in Biomimetic  or nature mimicking dentistry, we can piece a broken tooth back together, or even add parts that were missing without removing any of the original healthy tooth portion.

More Natural = Less Painful

Using nature mimicking materials and methods gives us the opportunity to seal the tooth which protects it from bacterial infection. This actually serves to keep the tooth well preserved for years to come, and has in fact eliminated the need for several different aggressive treatments. One of the treatments that we have managed to drastically reduce as a direct result of Biomimetic dentistry in Greenlawn NY is the root canal.

In the dental field there are a number of synthetic dental materials that are used, some of which are stiffer, and of course those that look much better than their natural counterparts, but they often have undesirable results. Structural failures are very common, and a direct result of what we would refer to as over-engineering. This is not to say that we did not put our best efforts forth in the area of dentistry, but rather that we didn’t have the same knowledge then that we do now. Damaged teeth can now easily be rebuilt using materials that in density are similar to those of natural teeth. Not only do they last longer, they also hold up to the everyday abuse that we tend to put our teeth through. It’s a great option, and Biomimetic dentistry in Greenlawn NY will definitely lead the way in modern dentistry.

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