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Take Advantage of Nature mimicking dentistry in Greenlawn NY

Many people are utterly and completely terrified to go to the dentist, and with good reason. If you’ve ever had a root canal, then you know just how painful it maybe.  That being said, it is of the utmost importance for dentists as well as researchers to find a way to address concerns and create better solutions, especially in the field of holistic dentistry. That being said, it should be no surprise that better methods are currently replacing the old ones that we have known for decades. Dentistry is always changing, and fortunately, barbers are no longer to be considered highly trained dentists. One of the biggest changes today is the use of new technologies that actually rely both on nature and science. In dentistry, particularly Nature mimicking dentistry in Greenlawn NY, the idea is to preserve all the healthy tooth structure and to mimic the layering of the natural tooth structure as in case of the biomimetic bonding.

A Tooth Apart

Using biomimetic dentistry we are able to copy what would be considered life-like. In other words, one of the most important things that we can do in the field of dentistry is take a cue from nature. There are a number of advances that we can claim in many different areas, but in dentistry we are unfortunately clinging to some of the oldest methods in the book. The art of restoring broken or damaged teeth has used archaic methods for far too long, and biomimetic dentistry has brought us an entirely new method.

What is bio-mimetic dentistry exactly? The name implies precisely what it is, bio-mimetic, two words that mean ‘life-like copy and nature’. In other words, rather than trying to one-up nature we are now making a serious effort to work alongside it, and with good reason.

Conquering the Temporary Solutions

With Nature mimicking dentistry in Greenlawn NY, we are making a serious effort to take into account the natural movements of teeth rather than going against the grain, so to speak. Fillings are often believe to be a temporary solution because they will fail eventually and then be replaced by crowns or other solutions that are thought to be a more permanent means of tooth restoration. With the evolution of adhesive dentistry, new materials and methods have given us the ability to be far more conservative natural, and to achieve long lasting results even in a form of a filing or as we like to call it biomimetic bonding.

The restoration material, in order to prevent shrinkage and gaps, are place in increments, allowing the maximum amount of time to properly adhere to the tooth. Overall, there are many different benefits to using this type of solution when it comes to the restoration of teeth. It will help to offset the need for root canals and crowns, and most importantly, it will help to accommodate a tooth that moves and flexes while chewing. One of the greatest misconceptions in the past with dentistry, before Nature mimicking dentistry in Greenlawn NY, was that teeth always remained still in the mouth. The truth however is that they move quite a bit, and we have long needed a technology that would account for this and accommodate it. We have that ability now, and while we may only be taking our very first steps into holistic organic dentistry, we are making great strides and helping patients in ways that we never could have imagined.

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