Integrative Dentistry in Greenlawn NY

Integrative Dentistry in Greenlawn NY

Dentistry is one of the most important branches of medicine, even if many physicians don’t seem to take it too seriously. The thing that we need to remember is that the state of the teeth and surrounding oral structures can determine the health of the rest of the body or even give clues to problems with the other parts of your body. There are lots of treatments out there, some of which might be considered better than others, but when it comes right down to it, you need something that addresses your entire body rather than just part of it. There is multiple challenges between those that offer integrative dentistry in Greenlawn NY and typical dental practitioners that use traditional dentistry but we wholeheartedly believe that integrative approach to oral health is the way to address our overall health.

Understanding Holistic Dentistry

There are two major parts to holistic dentistry:

Treating the Whole Body – The teeth are important, but the rest of the body is important as well, perhaps more so than you realize. The problem with mainstream dentistry is that it only treats the teeth heavily relies on traditional approach that may work for a short term but doesn’t seem to be a long term solution. This can become problematic, expensive, and may be a gateway to more expensive procedures that could have been avoided had the problems been addressed properly in the first place.

Preserving the Environment – There is a lot of noise these days about the environment, and integrative dentistry in Greenlawn NY can help by using mostly biodegradable materials, along with avoiding the use of mercury and fluoride in dentistry.

Addressing your Concerns in Natural Dentistry

Integrative dentistry is focused on restoring and maintaining natural health, function, and aesthetics of the patient’s mouth and considering its effects on body, mind and spirit. Teeth reconstruction is done using advanced methods along with bio-compatible materials. The most important thing of course is making sure that the whole body is treated, and that patients are able to learn how to maintain their healthy state.

If you are like the majority of patients looking into alternative care, there is a strong chance that you’ve already tried the more traditional means of care, and perhaps you’ve found them to be less than acceptable. Don’t worry, integrative dentistry will not only address those concerns, but also get you into a much healthier place than ever before. The body-mouth relationship is a strong one, even if mainstream dentistry chooses not to accept it yet. Oral health is most definitely connected to our overall health and well being of the body, and one needs to make sure to find a dentist who understands and accepts that.

Philosophy Behind Integrative Dentistry in Greenlawn NY

The philosophy behind integrative dentistry in Greenlawn NY is multi-discipline approach, and it addresses the needs of many different types of patients. Some patients, for example simply want to remove the mercury from their lives and lead a more environmentally friendly existence. Then there are those who want to address their bio-energetic meridians which can definitely be impacted by certain mainstream dental materials. No matter what your purpose is in seeking integrative dentistry, now would be a great time to make sure you find the right dentist, and make sure that your mouth is ready to face the world.

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