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The Best Natural dentistry in Greenlawn NY

There have long been ways of making sure that our teeth can be repaired, especially when it comes to decay. Fillings have always appeared to be an acceptable solution but the problem we run into without Natural dentistry in Greenlawn , NY is the fact that teeth move and flex quite a bit are bound to degrade. They do not degrade so much as they tend to stay the same while the tooth in question changes. If you take a look at many of the ‘before and after’ photos of fillings after a period of a few years, you will see that the filling that was once very useful has actually separated from the tooth.

Something to keep in mind is that when these fillings separate from the tooth, they open the door for bacteria and can lead to infections, some of which can be very painful and may in fact lead to the loss of the teeth in question. For this reason, after fillings fail, they are often replaced with a crown which is thought to be a more permanent solution, but it does not take into account that much of the remaining healthy tooth structure is also removed in this process.

A More Natural Solution

So what we’re looking for is a solution that not only addresses the immediate problem, but one which will ensure that the tooth will continue to remain in good condition for the foreseeable future. There is nothing more important than having good teeth, and now, with today’s technology, a solution has been formed, so to speak. With Natural dentistry  in Greenlawn NY we now have the ability to create a solution that bonds with the tooth rather than tooth being cut for a cap.The concept is known as Biomimetic dentistry, which essentially means to imitate nature. In this case, the idea is to mimic the natural layering and density of teeth, not only giving it a more natural looking appearance, but also to make it act and feel as natural teethIt is a more natural solution, it is a more complete solution, and it is a solution that everyone with dental problems should absolutely be looking into.

A Blanket Solution

One could almost consider Natural dentistry  in Greenlawn NY to be a complete blanket solution for many of the problems faced in dentistry. Have you ever had a root canal? If so, then you know just how terrifying the prospect can be. Believe it or not, root canals can be greatly  avoided using the principles displayed here in this article. Biomimetic dentists all over the world have been reporting a 90% reduction in the number of root canals administered to patients over the years, and also a reduction in the amount of healthy tooth structure that needs to be removed. It is well known that removing too much of a healthy tooth can result in greater sensitivity as well as irritation to the vital tooth. In the end, this leads to the need for a root canal, but by using biomimetic dentistry, we can reduce the amount of natural tooth that needs to be removed. Limiting this removal will contribute to greater success in the long term, and not just in the short term. It’s a great new technology based on nature’s own ways.

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