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Welcome to Nature’s Dental first newsletter Series, where we’ll be discussing new and updated techniques in Holistic Dentistry, Naturopathic Medicine, tooth healing secrets and natural dietary guidelines for a healthy mouth, body and mind!

You may ask, why do we need holistic dentistry and what’s wrong with traditional dentistry?

If traditional dentistry worked so well, why are there a need for implants, tooth extractions and crowns, leading to root canals?

Traditional restorative dentistry is based on either a mechanical retention of a metal filling or a mechanically cemented metal fused to a porcelain crown (PFM). This clinically proven 100 year old way of practicing is similar to a “carpentry dentistry”.

Metal filling reconstruction of a natural tooth not only look unaesthetic, but mainly functions as a wood butt joint. This type of construction will make a great chest of drawers but inside of a tooth it turns out to be detrimental and even catastrophic in a long term. The metal filling literally locks in the slot which is cut with the specific undercuts inside the tooth. So, whether your cavity is tiny in diameter or shallow in depth, the standard 2 mm’s of your precious tooth has to be removed and extended into a certain form to retain this metal restoration.

It’s also a common fact that about 30% of these teeth will crack, will need a crown and even a root canal or possible tooth removal altogether. Not to mention that all metal “silver” amalgam fillings in actuality are comprised of 50% mercury – the most potent nerve toxin. We’re just beginning to learn the negative effects of mercury and most developed European countries banned or have plans to eliminate mercury use in medicine and dentistry altogether.

Yes, there are white fillings, too. But how many of us have experienced sensitivity, pain, root canals, and eventually a crown once we get our metal fillings replaced by white? I am one of these patients and I personally had to go through the above cascade of unfortunate events on 4 of my teeth…and after practicing traditional dentistry for 10 years, I know I’m not alone.

So, in search of a better option for my teeth, as well as for my patients, I was happy to find the newly emerging field of
Nature like Dentistry –
BIOMIMETICS or best described as “Conservation Dentistry”.

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