Ozone Dentistry in Greenlawn NY

The Concept of Ozone Dentistry in Greenlawn NY

There are many new medical treatments being developed today, some of which seem to be more effective than others, but the area of dental treatment seems to have come a long way. We have a number of great improvements in the field, one of which is the idea of ozone dentistry in Greenlawn NY. Before we go too far into this, we will need to discuss the concept of cavities, particularly what they are.

Understanding Cavities

You’ve undoubtedly heard the word ‘cavity’ from time to time, and let’s face it, it’s a scary word. It is even scarier if you know exactly what it is. A Cavity is a bacterial infection that erodes the tooth structure. There are obviously ways to stop this from happening, or to get rid of the bacteria, and one of the newest methods has been to apply ozone into the infected area.

Understanding Ozone

To fully understand ozone dentistry in Greenlawn NY you must understand that the substance is toxic to all types of bacteria, and applying it into the lesion will serve to eliminate a considerable number of the bacteria causing the cavity.

Ozone is powerful form of oxygen. Ozone (O3) is formed from oxygen combined  into tree atoms, and it is most common to find this substance following a lightning storm. If you’ve ever stepped outside right after a lightning storm and notice that there is a slightly different scent in the air, you are probably smelling a concentration of ozone. Now as should be expected, Ozone, can be applied in a number of different forms which include solid, gas, or liquid, and for that reason it has been used in many different applications, both industrial and medical. The application of Ozone to destroy bacteria is not a new one, in fact it has been used in water systems for decades to kill off bacteria in the water.

How it Works

Dentists are able to use ozone to facilitate the removal of decay and periodontal infection found in the gums pockets. The body naturally produces a small amount of ozone and this is why in proper therapeutic concentrations ozone tend to stimulate our own immune system and help with the natural healing process.  At the same time ozone destroys a number of harmful substances including:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Fungi

While the ozone treatment will destroy the bacteria, human cells will be left intact simply because they do not lack the same properties as bacteria. The fact that this ozone dentistry in Greenlawn NY method is not exactly new, and is based upon a considerable amount of research helps us to gain a greater understanding of how it is supposed to work in practical application. Now, on the patient side, all that needs to be known is that there is a new treatment, it works, and it is far more effective than most of the other treatments on the market. The idea of reducing the oral infection with ozone dentistry is definitely one that is worth consideration and it may not be long before this form of dentistry is incorporated into nearly every office around the world. Dentistry just got more high tech, and all it took was a bit of ozone.

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