Natural Mouthwash in Greenlawn NY

The Benefits of Natural Mouthwash in Greenlawn NY

There are many great examples of mouthwash on store shelves if you know just where to look, but the biggest problem, at least at the moment, is that many of the conventional mouthwashes on the market tend to be harmful. Yes, this is unfortunate, in spite of the pretty colors and fun containers that they tend to sport when they are on the shelf at the grocery store. There is far more at work here.

One of the biggest problems with the mouthwash options that are available today is that they tend to use a combination of fluoride, glycerin and artificial dies. Now if you remember taking fluoride when you were in elementary school, you can probably remember just how disgusting it was, and now that you are an adult, you know that you were right to be just a little uneasy. Using natural mouthwash in Greenlawn NY is a great option, and what is the problem with glycerin?

The Problem with Glycerin

There are numerous issues with glycerin, but the main problem that we tend to run into is the fact that it applies a coating to the enamel of our teeth. Yes, this is meant to protect us, but it does exactly the opposite. In fact, it tends to stop the minerals from your saliva from entering your teeth and teeth natural ability to heal from the inside as well. These minerals are a natural substance, and just another example of the way in which our bodies are intended to take care of us. When these minerals are blocked, the enamel around the tooth will begin to break down gradually, ending in the destruction of the tooth in question. Obviously this will affect all of your teeth at different rates, but it may get to all of them eventually. Now, something to note is that mainstream dentistry does consider these ingredients to be safe for public consumption, but there are many who would rather avoid them, and with good reason we would say. This is where natural mouthwash in Greenlawn NY would come into the picture.

Using Natural Mouthwash – It’s More Beneficial than you Think

While most conventional dentists would gladly tell you to stick with the tried and true solution of typical mouthwash, many holistically minded dentist would disagree.

It has been found that natural mouthwash in Greenlawn NY that contains essential oils will help to reduce the amount of bacteria that is present in your mouth, and will provide many other benefits that contribute to your oral care. These essential oils along with standard dental care that you can do at home will easily reduce plaque and gingivitis, both of which are highly detrimental to a person’s oral health.

Using essential oils gives you a clear advantage, but it’s within your best interest to make sure that you do seek out the highest quality ingredients. Whether you are using something like tea tree, or spearmint, always check the label, and always make sure that you know what you are getting and note to only use therapeutic and food grade essential oils in the mouth. By doing this, you will create the best mouthwash and give your mouth the care that it needs.

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