Healthy Teeth Recipes

Russian Summer Salad!


Russian summer salad
Eat your way to healthy teeth!

This summer salad is from back home recipes and is filled with fresh from the farm veggies and free range eggs.
Makes a perfect light summer dinner and make sure you prep enough for lunch leftovers the next day.

2-3 sliced young boiled potatoes with skin (phosphorous, calcium, magnesium in potatoes all contribute to the building and maintaining of BONE and TEETH structure and strength, potato skin possesses powerful ANTI- Inflammatory properties and antioxidant capabilities that protect the body’s cells from free radical damage)

 1 Medium size sliced cucumber (cucumbers increase PRODUCTION OF SALIVA, neutralizes the acids and ALKALIZE the ORAL CAVITY- this DECREASE CAVITIES, fights bad breath and gum diseases)

2 medium size sliced tomatoes (vitamins A, K, calcium- all needed for Strong TEETH)
3-4 radishes Sliced (filled with sulphur and silicon, which needed for BONE and GUM HEALTH. Sulphur also helps relieve pain and inflammation while promoting good bacterial flora)
1 fresh onion sliced, including the green parts (improve the STRENGTH OF TEETH and FIGHTS OF BACTERIA which can cause tooth decay), great DETOX-  removes heavy metals like Mercury & lead.

2 hard boiled eggs sliced (provide vitamin D to keep the BONE and TEETH STRONG. Vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium and regulates calcium levels in the blood)

1/2 cup parsley chopped (promotes ORAL HEALTH, fights bad oral odor, in ancient times used as anesthetic and antiseptic)

Add a dash of sea salt & fresh ground pepper, 1/2 fresh lemon juiced and a splash of sunflower oil right before serving and your mouth will thank you for it!

We are what we eat, folks!

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